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Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Gets Ready to Embark on a Global Adventure

Source: Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay’s brand new travel foodie show is set to premier on National Geographic’s channel and will see the celebrity chef traverse the globe in search of truly delicious food.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted will follow Ramsay’s adventures as he visits six different locations around the world a quest to taste recipes true to each country’s culture.

Throughout the six episodes in the National Geographic series, Chef Ramsay will visit Peru, New Zealand, Morocco, Hawaii, Laos, and Alaska to experience the different foods, traditions and culture that make international travel such as wonderful experience.

“Food is the foundation,” Ramsay reveals of traveling to different countries. “It gives rounded insight into the actual culture of a place.”

When it comes to Ramsay’s top tip for travelers, the celebrity chef has one bit of advice:

“Stay off the high street,” Ramsay shared with National Geographic. “Be adventurous and seek out what really defines the culture.”

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted premiers July 21 on the National Geographic channel.

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