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Multigenerational Travel Likely to Become Post Pandemic Trend

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Once restrictions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic start to lift and we can resume traveling again, experts suggest multigenerational vacations – typically defined as taking a trip with three or more generations – will be a huge post-pandemic trend.

According to Fodor’s, traveling with different generations not only gives families the chance to spend time together, but it also addresses safety issues concerning travel for those in more vulnerable age brackets.

Experts predict the trend will lead to multigenerational families renting private homes and villas to spend vacations together under one roof, rather than renting hotel rooms.

Fodor’s reveals there will also be an emphasis on domestic locations for multigenerational travel due to the international covid entry requirements and the “uncertain future” of the aviation industry as travel slowly resumes following the pandemic.

“I expect the demand for villa vacations to increase as families save money on long haul airfare and invest savings into a longer stay in one house for the entire family,” David Hartman of Florida’s Fantastic Endeavors travel agency told Fodor’s.

Fodor’s also predicts ancestral tourism, where multigenerational families return to the “MotherLand” to research their familial ancestry, could also be a huge trend once international travel becomes easier.

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